Monthly Archives: November 2013

Self suffiency

What does it mean to be self sufficient? Does it just mean finding a solution to how we meet our ever escalating personal needs, preferences and demands by creating new solutions for energy and food ? Or using smart technology to cut the monetary and environmental costs of consumption? Or does it mean those who have already acquired assets and equity cashing in their chips to ‘downsize’ and seek redemption (atoning for their consumption sins?) by ‘buying’ a more sustainable lifestyle? And what about the global poor and excluded who just want to push their way to the gaming table and have a chance at winning a personal jackpot? Surely the conversation starts from the wrong presumption? Self sufficiency starts from a dialogue amongst people about what is ‘sufficient’? In all senses. It must speak of winners and losers, but above all it must encounter humility and a sense of responsibility that extends beyond the personal to the societal. ‘You cant always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might get what you need’ . Is that spirit as irrelevant as the singer that sang the song?