Country dumb?

Tired of x-factor inanities and Snow Patrol banalities?

Bjork maybe just  a tad too arty?

Underwhelmed by all those Eighties bands reforming?

If so, let me point you in the direction of  one Josh T.Person and his album ‘Last of the Country Gentleman’.

Gentlemanly it ain’t! Or only in a Rhet Butler kind of way.

Before you listen can I suggest that you pour yourself a glass of bourbon and imagine that you are about to be granted a glimpse into the mind of one of those dark, edgy hell raisin preachers that Robert Mitchum specialised in playing back in the Fifties!

‘From the start I told you of my dark coloured checkered past ,ya had to ask and how I ruined the lives of those I loved without so much as a backwards glance’.

It must be the most intense, riveting and sometimes downright unsettling music I have heard in many a year. Nick Cave doesn’t get anywhere near it and Mary Gautier sounds positively happy by comparison.

‘I come from a long line in history of dreamers,each one more tired than the one before’.

And what to make of a song entitled ‘Honeymoon’s great, wish you were here’?

Imagine William Blake as a singer songwriter raised in West Texas.Or a very dark, god fearing , ecstatic Astral Weeks!

Honestly this man is not to be treated with lightly. Not an extended riff in sight, and his guitar must be set to prevent him playing major chords!

But if it’s honesty, emotion, truth and raw balladry you want, then this is for you.

The last words go to Josh:

‘I’m off to save the world, at least I can hope’.



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