Starting out

After three months of relative relaxation , I am ready to head for the slopes of work again! While I have ‘been away’ much has happened and little of it to the good. Democracy has been put on hold by ‘the markets ‘ , environmental concerns have been refiled under ‘too difficult/too expensive/too ridiculous’ and it’s been up to occupiers in London,NYC and elsewhere to ask the fundamental questions.Yes, they haven’t had all the answers, but then again who has? We are in the grip of a delusion that borders on an illusion.That an inhuman force called the markets is making all kinds of demands upon us which if not met will imperil the very way of life that got us into this mess in the first place.Everybody should sit down and watch  ‘It’s a wonderful life’ and decide if they are with George Bailey or old Mr Potter! Sadly at the moment George is waiting on the bridge in the snow with Clarence nowhere to be seen!Or perhaps we should revisit The Third Man, with Welles’ Harry Lime reminding Holly Martins of the relative merits of the Borgias and the Swiss! What strikes me about Lime and Potter is their insistence that this is the way it has to be , the way it has always been.Men like Bailey and Martins are just dreamers with their claims to morality and enlightenment virtue, not to mention Bailey’s naive pursuit of the American Dream! Sound familiar? Justice,equality. democracy and liberty itself have to be ranked below the needs of something called ‘the economy’.As if there is a separate spehere of human activity that lies outside the boundaries of any discourse about our dreams, desires, beliefs and values.When surely the reverse is the case – we should create and shape an economy that can deliver the things we want – the things we truly want, not just what we can buy. Buy hey – maybe I’m a foolish dreamer!

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